Caustic soda NaOH

CAS NO. 1310-73-2
EINECS NO. 215-185-5
Cheshuirovannaya mass of white
Caustic soda is a white solid forms
It is readily soluble in water, alcohol and glycerin and absorb carbon dioxide and moisture from the air
Sodium hydrate; soda lye; Lye; Sodium Hydroxide White Caustic; Caustic Flake; Hydroxyde De Sodium (French); Natriumhydroxid (German); Natriumhydroxyde (Dutch); Sodio(Idrossido Di);
Mass fraction of sodium hydroxide (NaOH),% 98,0
Mass fraction of sodium carbonate (Na2C03),% 0,42
Mass fraction of sodium chloride (NaCI),% 0.068
Ferrum (Fe203),% 0,0017
Mass fraction of chloride (MaSYuZ),% 0.0001
Mass fraction of Na2S04,% 0.035
Mass fraction kremievoy acid (SiO2),% 0,0001
Sodium hydroxide is used in the chemical industry. The main use of sodium hydroxide for other chemicals. It is used in the textile industry. Sodium hydroxide is used mainly for two processes in the textile industry. Mercerizing fibers with sodium hydroxide, which provides greater durability and shine. It also removes the wax and oil from the fibers. Sodium hydroxide is also used in the production of viscose fiber. It is used in paper production, helps to whiten the paper, giving the required whiteness and brightness. In the production of alumina. Sodium hydroxide is also widely used in the manufacture of detergents. Sodium hydroxide is used for the production of active substances. Sodium hydroxide is used for sodium hypochlorite, which is used as a bleaching agent in household and disinfectants.
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