Chromic anhydrous CrO3

CAS 1333-82-0
ГОСТ 2548-77
Flakes or granules crimson-red color.
anhydrous chromium trioxide, chromic acid, chromium (VI) oxide, solid, chromic anhydride
Basic substance CrO3 %, not less than 99.7
Water Content H2O %, not more than 0,02
Content of sulfate SO4 %, not more than 0,08
Sodium, Na % less than 0.05
- In the engineering industry in the electroplating process for chrome plating parts to protect against corrosion. Protective and decorative chrome exposed parts of automobiles, bicycles, appliances. It is also used to increase iznosoustochivosti: in tool manufacture, in finishing merilnyh tools, dies for drawing metal.
Chromium plating of parts provides durability, eliminates sticking extruded material to the surface of matrices.
Chrome coating significantly reduces the wettability of the walls forms molten glass or metal. Significant enhancement of wear resistance of rubbing surfaces of the walls of the cylinders and piston rings of internal combustion engines is achieved with the application of porous chromium plating processes.
It is used to restore worn-out sizes. Capacity chromium layer on the worn surface of heat-treated shafts, bushings can restore the dimensions of parts and increase the life of these products.

Just chromic anhydride is used in the production of metallic chromium of high purity, superhard materials, some of the catalysts for the processes of chrome plating, and chromate passivation.
- In the production of electrolytic chromium catalysts
- In the production of castings in the molding and core mixtures, for processes of etching and other purposes
Production: Russia
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