Cooper sulfate CuSO4*5H2O

CAS Number    7758-99-8
blue crystals or blue crystalline powder, odorless ..
copper sulphate
Mass fraction of copper sulphate:
- In terms of CuSO4*5H2O, no less than 98,0
- In terms of copper,% not less than 24.94
Iron content,% not more than 0,04
Mass fraction of free sulfuric acid,% max not found
Insoluble in water balance,% not more than 0,017
Arsenic,% not more than 0,012
- For agriculture,
- In metallurgical industry,
- In electroplating for the coating of metal products with copper,
- To impregnate the wood to bring the properties of fire resistance,
- In animal husbandry as a mineral additive in animal feed,
- Used in the processes of shiny nickel
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