Sodium sulfate Na2SO4

CAS 7757-82-6
Sodium sulfate anhydrous - a colorless crystalline powder in a mass of white
Quality: Technical
Mass fraction of sodium sulfate,%, not less than 99.6
Mass loss on ignition,%, not more than 0.2
Mass fraction of water,%, not more than 0,04
Calcium and magnesium in terms of CaSO4,%, not more than 0,01
Mass fraction of zinc,%, not more than 0,04
Ferrum (III),%, not more than 0,003
Mass fraction of chloride,%, not more than 0,01
Total alkalinity in terms of Na2C03,%, not more than 0,15
Sodium sulfate is used in construction as antifreezing additive and accelerator setting concrete mix. In the pulp and paper, glass and chemical industry, as filler in the manufacture of synthetic detergents.
50 kg bags
Production Russia
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